Testimonial 3

I just returned from a birding trip to Dandeli and Kulagi area organised by Shoot Bob. I must admit this was a trip that was more than expected that will keep me busy processing bird photos for the next 6 months.

Notwithstanding the processing, the organising and planning of the trip has been meticulous to the tee. I just loved it.

Shoot Bob you rock! What I appreciate the best is the prior planning and choice of places to derive the best out of a photography trip. The accommodation, food and the way each detail was taken care by them has been inexplicable.

Because I am a part of their group, it afforded me the opportunity to shoot birds that are so rare and beautiful. Moreover, u got the trip to be a mix of landscape, street and bird photography.

Deepak and Vikas have been great teachers. Amit, we missed you! The patience, ability to advice correctly and to adjust to us amateur photographers with such stupid questions, is what stands u apart.

I look forwards to many many more photo trips with u guys!

In true naval parlance "Bravo Zulu" (means Well Done) for a well organised and beautiful trip!

Keep the tempo up!

Love you Shoot Bob

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